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-=Mc-War Guide to All Guns=-

Discussion in 'Guides' started by maxwellj02, Nov 8, 2013.


Is this guide useful?

  1. Yes

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  2. No, it needs some suggestions (Please say in the comments, and tag me also, and I will add them!)

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  1. Liamisdaboss43

    Liamisdaboss43 The French guy

    And donor guns too! :3
    But in another thread
  2. I might do donator guns, as I said here:
    @joeymast99 is the only one I could think of who has all donator guns. Please start a conversation with me here with donator gun stats, if you can.
  3. Liamisdaboss43

    Liamisdaboss43 The French guy

    I got every donor gun. :/
  4. BrawlerAce_

    BrawlerAce_ New Member

    It's too colorful :V
  5. What should I do about it?
    @ehvahn has sent me stats on donor weapons. They will be at the end of the guide.
  6. Niek__

    Niek__ Unknown Soldier

    My guide:
    Buy disassembler and scavenger.
    Spam it.
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  7. Yay! I added donator gun stats. This guide officially encompasses all guns in Mc-War! Just wait until the SMGs.
    And also, I want to make this an all-in-one guide, could anyone give me permission to use their item stats?
  8. gamemaster800

    gamemaster800 (n)tasty(n+2)u fpsHG Mod

    Good job with the guide. It can help loads of new players.
  9. That's why I want this pinned.

    I was wondering: Should I add stats for grenades, tomohawk, flashbangs, molotovs, and all perks?
    I need to be able to finish this guide. How can I do that, and do you have any suggestions for formatting?
  10. SmoshLoverIanH

    SmoshLoverIanH ZeOnlySpartacus Is Back!

    Great guide this surly will help me out!
    Thanks Max!
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    EPICTOASTERGUY I'm back baby

    u might wanna make it better 5-6 shots per burst on famas wat u on my gosh but it is not bad u are really inaccurate
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  12. BallingMC

    BallingMC My Destiny?

    The color hurts my eyes so I don't find it helpful.
  13. BrawlerAce_

    BrawlerAce_ New Member

    The Famas shoots 3 bullets a burst.
  14. tallscot

    tallscot McBrawl's Top Parkourist MC-War Mod

    It warms my heart to see unique posts like this. This post was special because you based each gun upon your OWN opinion. Not someone else's, nor' a lie. Tis' the season to be jolly alright. Jolly good with MC-War sophisticates!
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  15. I love feedback. Thanks!
  16. chickenputty

    chickenputty I'm the egg man. Administrator

    Nice guide
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  17. jkzoom

    jkzoom Mc-war's professional Phoenix

    if you train with the garret you can become extremely powerful on the battle field because people consider you a secondary target to an automatic, and thats when you get many head shots! :D
  18. alpine54

    alpine54 Member

    FYI the Barrett50c head shots what seems to be around 1/2 - 2/3 of the time
  19. It is only a OSK when the opponent has already taken damage.
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