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Higher Staff Roles

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Atum, Mar 7, 2021.

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  1. Atum

    Atum Ex-WarZ and Projects Admin
    Retired Staff

    Aug 3, 2013
    Hey Brawlers!
    As you are all aware by now, Brawl is undergoing a lot of movement on the management and staff front. Listed on this thread are the new roles and responsibilities here at Brawl since the recent rebranding and restructure.

    Job Specific Roles and Responsibilities

    Server Owners - OWNER @chickenputty
    The owners work on pushing Brawl in the right direction as well as having the final say in major decisions regarding Brawl servers. They ensure that the administrator team is active and doing their jobs to the fullest. Their main job entails of dealing with server files as well as hiring, managing and maintaining server developers. Aside from server and developer management, the owners are also responsible for Brawl's assets and purchase issues.

    System Administrator - ADMIN @yinscape
    This job is solely based around the Network Administration of the Brawl servers. He is here to ensure Brawl’s servers are running at all times and manages backend issues. Do not go to Yinscape regarding in-game issues, such as bans or purchase issues.

    Project Manager - ADMIN @Charlie_0014
    This primary responsibility of the Project Manager is to ensure that all projects are being worked on and completed in a timely fashion. They should also be holding staff accountable and making sure that deadlines are met. This person also oversees all gamemode specific project boards, ensuring that they are being handled with high quality and precision. Due to the nature of the Project Manager title, this position collaborates with the Staff Manager if quality or quantity is not being met by staff members.

    Gamemode Supervisor - ADMIN @SoCool21 | Substitute - Vacant
    The gamemode supervisor is responsible for looking after the progression of Brawl's gamemodes. This means ensuring updates for each gamemode are released in a timely and continuous manner as well as providing gamemodes with assistance for larger-scale projects.

    Lead Developer - DEV @RyGuy
    This position is going to be overseeing the developer team and future projects working in hand with the project manager. RyGuy will be the go-to person for all other developers that need help or are new to Brawl's workspace.

    Staff Manager - ADMIN @wintergreen3 | Substitute - Vacant
    This position is in charge of checking staff applications regularly to decide whether they are good candidates or not. This process should take no longer than 30 days from the submitted application date. All staff misbehavior and abuse reports go through this position to warn staff members accordingly. In severe cases, this position is responsible for demoting staff if patterns of misbehavior or abuse are present.

    Server Brand & Strategy Manager - Vacant
    Oversees the Brawl brand image across the website and social media. Designs logos, marketing materials, merchandise, icons and everything in between, and works alongside the marketing manager to ensure a consistent image across all platforms.

    Ban Manager - ADMIN @SoCool21
    The primary responsibility of the ban manager is to oversee all perm and IP bans on the network. They will also be responsible for ensuring all IP checks & bans are done correctly. The Ban Manager will also teach any onboarding SMOD+ members on how to properly IP Check.

    Reports & Appeals Manager - ADMIN @SoCool21 | Substitute - MOD @wulfi98
    Oversee the bans and appeals on Brawl servers, which includes ensuring that all reports and appeals are resolved within 48 hours of being submitted. The Reports & Appeals Manager should also be overseeing how staff are resolving their reports and appeals to ensure they are following the correct protocol. This person should also be available for any questions regarding the correct handling of reports and appeals.

    Documentation Manager - SMOD @Fireshadow007 | Substitute - ADMIN - @SoCool21
    Ensures all recorded information, such as rules, handbooks and guides, is up-to-date. Also writes any additional documentation where necessary.

    Marketing Manager - ADMIN @wintergreen3
    Creates all tweets on the official Brawl Games Twitter accounts, including announcements, entertaining tweets and requested tweets. Creates social media posts about important announcements and good tweets on official Brawl social media accounts. Creates and maintain all advertising methods for Brawl.

    Build Team Manager - ADMIN @Charlie_0014 | Substitute - SMOD @Fireshadow007
    Oversees, reviews and processes all Brawl build team applications. Processes all building requests and gives tasks to team according to priority and size. Monitors all of the build team's behavior, activity and contributions to ensure that the team is being productive, mature and timely.

    Community & Event Manager - ADMIN @Carnotauros | Substitute - Vacant
    This position oversees the community in the sense of hosting events and ensuring that the community is involved with the network.

    Forums Manager - ADMIN @SoCool21
    Responsible for the forums. They will read all threads and posts on the forums, and ensure any posts that violate the rules are handled properly. They also handle forum reports, and make sure other staff are handling rule violations correctly.

    The developers are the ones who turn the plans the staff team has for Brawl and its gamemodes into reality. Each of them works on a specific part of Brawl.
    DEV @915
    DEV @RyGuy
    DEV @DeZilla
    DEV @CookieBilly
    DEV @sjuka_legogubbar

    Gamemode Managers
    The purpose of server managers are to ensure that their assigned gamemode is moving smoothly and that there are plans for future development of that gamemode. This entails that they are managing gamemode specific staff and developers, tracking bugs and ideas through Trello and focusing on player engagement and retainment.

    Build Manager - ADMIN @Charlie_0014 | Substitute - SMOD @Fireshadow007
    CTF Manager - ADMIN @wintergreen3 | Substitute - Vacant
    Party Manager - SMOD @Fireshadow007 | Substitute - ADMIN @Charlie_0014
    Raid Manager - ADMIN @Carnotauros | Substitute - MOD @Tuumai
    WarZ Manager - Vacant
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  2. Lceman502

    Lceman502 Active Member

    Jul 21, 2018
    Very disappointed I don't see @Paddishly name on here :/
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  3. CoCaptainBlue

    CoCaptainBlue Well-Known Member

    Feb 19, 2018
    The restructuring looks great! Let's goooo!
  4. Paddishly

    Paddishly The Australian

    Apr 9, 2018
    I’m not.
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  5. Daveeeeeeeee

    Daveeeeeeeee Well-Known Member

    May 17, 2015
    It took more than a week for my appeal to be handled but looks good!!!
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  6. HereCreepers

    HereCreepers Well-Known Member

    Jun 25, 2014
    Ritzy be like: *promoted* *resigns* *promoted* *resigns* *promoted* *resigns* *promoted to S-Mod this time* and now hes a server owner.

    Truly a magnificent character arc to see play out over the years.
  7. Fourr_

    Fourr_ ex Media Sub-Manager | ex Party Mod | Builder

    Jan 28, 2015
    Can this get an update? Idk who's who rn
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