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Forum Rank Benefits

View the benefits and perks having a rank provides on the forums.

Brawl Lifetime Rank Benefits

Below are the benefits that having a lifetime rank provides on the forums.

  • Access to premium rank forum sections
  • Ability to create a custom user title
  • Removal of timed post limit restriction
  • Can delete your own posts without time limits
  • Ability to give rank honor rating
  • Increased member tags per message
    • Regular: 5
    • VIP: 8
    • MVP: 12
    • ELITE: 18
  • Can organize medal display order
  • Increased avatar upload size
    • Regular: 51.2 KB
    • VIP: 81.2KB
    • MVP: 121.2KB
    • ELITE: 161.2KB
  • Can upload attachments to conversations
  • Increased maximum conversation recipients
    • Regular: 6
    • VIP: 8
    • MVP: 12
    • ELITE: 16
  • Ability to select a persistent shoutbox chat color
  • [ELITE Only] Can upload an animated avatar (.gif)

If you are interested in purchasing the rank, you may do so at http://shop.brawl.com/.

Apr 17, 2017
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