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Staff Team

Our staff team is a dedicated to keeping the games functioning smoothly. They answer questions, discipline players, and work to upkeep and improve the games.

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OWNER SuperBen4MOD WrongerboxOWNER RitzyOWNER BootyismOWNER madartist0OWNER NickManEAOWNER MoistMayonnaiseJMOD XaGod22SMOD YinYangBearOWNER dasthSMOD 45BOWNER PhobiaSMOD FoodcourtSMOD CardonationADMIN WittcherryADMIN MetairieADMIN KobaltsarADMIN GeneralGiganOWNER katcntrMOD Extreme_thunderOWNER Noir_Shadow_ADMIN MutantOWNER RyGuyOWNER f1brownJMOD vetekakaOWNER MsacrasOWNER SteliansADMIN yinscapeADMIN ZunxiSMOD RejeqtedADMIN TuumaiOWNER Kelpre_OWNER mariojudah7ADMIN TTIPOWNER ayayronVMOD ProuddyyySMOD anemoiaSMOD PonyOWNER WindyRoses

Build Team

These players are responsible for the awesome maps you see on Brawl. They are very good at placing blocks!

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BUILDER overneoBUILDER madartist0BUILDER quinox_

Media Team

These players create all the cool content for Brawl. From montages, trailers, to game art.

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MEDIA Noir_Shadow_

Wiki Team

These players are dedicated to documenting the ins and outs of Brawl and every game. Have you viewed the wiki yet?