Survival Shooter Minecraft Server

MC-WarZ is a zombie survival gamemode with guns. It emerges you into a world of infinite possibilities, maybe you will be a hero and gather or kill all players as a bandit. Gather some friends or go in solo as you gain loot to fight off the horde, and other players.

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# Player Elo
1 rowellmango505
2 Complimented364
3 kev000343
4 Renegading321
5 Kalbe1318
Title Poster Views
WHERE ALL THE OGS (2013-2015 WARZ) YoshiiKid 333
All Grown Up death_to_DERP 1156
what pack? B1Y 1456
Please!! B1Y 430
oobuck's resocure pack milek0702 1672
  • None