Survival Shooter Minecraft Server

MC-WarZ is a zombie survival gamemode with guns. It emerges you into a world of infinite possibilities, maybe you will be a hero and gather or kill all players as a bandit. Gather some friends or go in solo as you gain loot to fight off the horde, and other players.

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# Player Elo
1 kugel937
2 Qrt916
3 swlf879
4 Rixxi874
5 Shunziki861
Title Poster Views
WarZ-like servers? DonFruitLoops 199
Please help me find an old pack DonFruitLoops 110
Rocket launchers for more inclusivity of less skilled players! DonFruitLoops 87
My airdrop is bouncing up and down after i tossed it on a staircase I tried breaking a block no good DonFruitLoops 133
Permanent boosters to keep WarZ alive! DonFruitLoops 169
  • 2x WarZ XP Booster Activated
    • Time left: 352d 16h 9m 48s
  • TPA Access Booster Activated
    • Time left: 14h 22m 33s
  • Zone Level Booster Activated
    • Time left: 15h 13m 33s
  • Rare Loot Booster Activated
    • Time left: 15h 25m 32s
  • Double Loot Booster Activated
    • Time left: 15h 13m 3s