Survival Minecraft Server

Raid is the essence of a hardcore survival mode where your goal is to dominate with your teammates by your side. You'll be able to fight in intense instant-soup pvp battles, track and raid your enemies, control the economy, or even compete to win KOTHs every week with your team. Every map is unique in its own way with fresh starts and new players to trust or to enemy. There's a variety of things to do, and so much more to discover. With players, tracking, and fighting around every corner: there is never a dull moment when you play Raid.

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# Player Balance
1 FlaminHotFrito205,668
2 Kalbe1162,426
3 Terapix40,556
4 siumau31,033
5 1four5,463
Title Poster Views
Sell raid to someone BrosBeforeHoes_ 135
. Colonel_Graff 292
:eyes: CoCaptainBlue 313
Raid Reset - 1.19 Update (8/27) AnonymousGalaxy 1032
Raid EOTM Event! Carnotauros 414
  • None