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Bye War

Discussion in 'MC-War' started by Hexivoid, Nov 21, 2020.


Looking back, have you enjoyed your experience with the MC-War community?

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  2. Could have been better.

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  1. Hexivoid

    Hexivoid Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2017
    Well, wasn't expecting to be typing this today. Brawl was one of the first Minecraft servers I ever joined long, long ago- I didn't even understand what a "server" was at the time all those years back! Now that I think back I'm pretty certain I accidentally stumbled upon MC-War from a tutorial video showing how to add a server... I recall joining a round with no conception of the gamemode and trying to kill teammates with an untextured wooden axe, confused as to why everyone was immune and how I kept repeatedly dying for "no reason". I'm not sure why I stayed (probably since I didn't have the knowledge of how to find other servers?), but I did. I ended up becoming obsessed like many others, waking up early on weekends and spending the first hour of my day grinding levels. Eventually, I also figured out that experience was gained while AFK in infect matches, leading me to surpass level 60 but tank my KDR at the same time. I ended up w̶a̶s̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ spending some money on some guns and perks, which at the time provided a very large advantage over others and increased my incentive to play long into nights. Ultimately, I recognized that I was spending several hours a day on a block game and lost interest, becoming more productive in my everyday life. I ended up meeting quite a few nice people throughout that period!

    I regained interest in late 2018 and ended up spending way too much time on the server again. Unexpectedly out of thin air though (I hadn't been paying attention to Brawl news), 2.0 released, voiding all my hard "work" and killing four years of memes. This reset, among other aspects such as global loadouts and recoil, led to me and many other players abandoning the server. Since then, however, I've played on and off and reached max level. I ended up breaking my addiction before War died again near the end of the summer after realizing I had 300 hours of playtime on a block game...

    Anyway, this wasn't supposed to be a multiple paragraph biography but moreover a cachet nobility and commemoration post to all those I've met along the way. I actually only found out that War was shutting down earlier this day and thought I should at least make some tribute... I might even look back at this list in a few decades and see how many of you I can still track down! I expect to be adding to this list as time goes on!

    In no particular order (other than remembrance):
    @Hexivoid for existing.
    @Charlie_0014 for being a chill moderator and accepting my custom skin.
    @SuperBen4 for being an all-around great guy who also enjoyed factions.
    @taxht for being one of the two best Ben's.
    @Prouddyyy for having such an annoyingly high KDR. Annoying quick-scoper too.
    @Snail_5_ for being a long time war veteran and handling all my bs.
    @sjuka_legogubbar for... well, you already know.
    @ElGringo57 for reminding me of Mexico. 57 is also an amazingly great number.
    @MSA_Green_edu for joining the clan.
    @Shamboman for trying out MWR.
    @Epicfurno for bugging the s*** out of me complaining about his lag.
    @LemonTheCake for being a lemon.
    @Ice_Bear1 for talking in third person.
    @GeneralCluck for being a funny chicken.
    @RyGuy for being a relatable developer.
    @5730dogman for being a good guy.
    @Awesome_YV for always coming to me for answers.
    @Eli for reminding me of cats.
    @Hitchens for being another 1.0 player.
    @JEMineDesigns for not bragging that they design packs faster.
    @moose for reminding me of one of my early usernames.
    @StygianWolf for being an active clan member.
    @yairster for being a guiniepig of an old project I had in mind.
    @Lord_Roke for being a scary administrator. Still feel like this guy was a Navy seal.
    @chickenputty for putting in some amount of work into the server, unsure how much though!
    @Secresh for being a panda.
    @XFishX For seeming fishy.
    @candycandy981 for founding WND.
    @Trogy for joining the clan.
    @Carsonn for accepting me into SOUL and complementing my website's African registration.
    @iamdroone for requesting a profile picture.
    @Knaber for releasing a texture pack and not uploading it.
    @Shod for being a friendly 1.0 veteran.
    @Vincz for always being confused with shod.
    @joeymast99 for making big deals out of getting banned.
    @MafiaFerret iaferret for having a sweet accent.
    @fartchicken8 for being one of the first players I based with on Raid.
    @jango_bob for being arrogant in a neat way.
    @MafiaAngel_ for always making me think she's ferret's alt.
    @tchuckraider for being a player I can't forget.
    @19kss for being confusing.
    @Lekosa1 for having a name that turned into a meme.
    @Collector for being a nice Irish guy.
    @lightningbolt193 for being a really dedicated new player.
    @Champloo for having a funny name to pronounce.
    @KekTheEksdeee for wanting to kiss me so many times.
    @Rigby610 for reminding me of a cartoon.
    @SoCool21 for banning me for such a stupid reason, never getting over this grudge.
    @RockTomb for reminding me of the color lime.
    @AgentSilverfish too much to mention!
    @Toki_12 for reminding me of Pokemon for some reason.
    @EmperorCreeperIV for (falsely?) accusing me of hacking five years ago.
    @Ceyll for spamming us in the War Discord.
    @aimmal for reminding me of animals.
    @13kss for being confused with the other kss' players.
    @Signatured for indirectly killing War.
    @Ritzy not really sure what they did, but I sure do remember them!
    @Chilled_67 for being "frozen cold" and chill.
    @tallscot for being tall and mature.
    @lilmatsko for having an interesting profile picture.
    @Carnotauros for being the best melon.
    @Sn4x5 for reminding me of snakes.
    @auromelt for having such a cute hedgehog GIF.
    @MrDasky for reminding me of ducks.
    @18kss another kss.
    @MoistMayonnaise for being moist.
    @redslime for liking waffles.
    @Hitchens for being high level.
    @DarkTitan_ for being an OG.
    @SkullcrusherLD for constantly reminding me of how fun skully was.
    @Queen_Shine for being a Brazilian who likes cookies.
    @Theo92160_ for always confusing me whether they're an admin or not.
    @marcel18167 rawr. That's it, rawr.
    @MR_EVIL_OVERLORD for also being scary.

    Sorry if I missed you, there were just so many people to try and remember- just give me a nod! I'll be looking through my old screenshots soon! Nonetheless, thanks for all the fun times MC-War. Hopefully, you'll be brought back to life some time in the future!


    Do not go gentle into that good night... Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.
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  2. LemonTheCake

    LemonTheCake Stay focused, stay alive.

    Jul 21, 2018
    I'm surprised this thread doesn't have more comments :smile: You'll always be remembered by me as not just one of the war players, but a Soldier. A regular, who we all knew the face and name of immediately when we saw you. Thank you for mentioning so many of us, and for dedicating yourself to the community we all made.

    Stay focused, stay alive.
  3. Hexivoid

    Hexivoid Well-Known Member

    Sep 22, 2017
    Yeah, I was surprised there aren't any other posts either considering it was the very last day... and that there were 70 players online. Think this forum section could stay up nonetheless?
  4. Prouddyyy

    Prouddyyy Marketing

    Aug 22, 2014
    Ayyyee having you around on the server definitely was a good time. A name I will probably remember for ever. Who knows what the future will bring and perhaps the epic war games continue on war 3.0 in a few years.
  5. Romkelolol

    Romkelolol Well-Known Member

    Oct 13, 2013
    Wasn't even tagged here. I got the L.
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