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Raid Reset - 1.19 Update (8/27)

Discussion in 'Raid' started by AnonymousGalaxy, Aug 20, 2022.

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  1. AnonymousGalaxy

    AnonymousGalaxy Raid Manager | Manager of Managing | Legacy

    Jun 18, 2015


    We are very excited to finally be able to announce the new upcoming Raid map! We are back and fully loaded to present to you our 1.19 map, and we have come up with some excellent additions to the game that will undoubtedly change the meta as we know it today. Not only have we made this massive version change, but we have also changed the way you approach the game for the better. Without further ado, let's get right into it.

    ☰ What

    For the reset, the world you have PvPed in, made your bases in, tracked & raided in will be replaced by a fresh, newly-generated world, full of new possibilities. This means all bases, items, warps, teams, and gold will be gone with the reset.

    You will not keep anything but your player rank! In addition to this, some big changes are coming out in the new map - See below.

    For those players who are new to Raid, or Hardcore Survival servers, here is a short list of Raid's features:
    • The ability to track other players by building or purchasing trackers
    • A /shop to sell any kind of item to other players
    • Mob stacking to simplify experience farms and reduce lag
    • A custom spawn with protection to provide an environment for players to meet and prepare for PvP
    • The ability to capture mobs with eggs and levels
    • A weekly Battledome or KOTH Event
    • The ability to change spawners to different mob types with dragon eggs
    • Fish
    ☰ When

    Date: Saturday, August 27th
    Time: 6PM UTC / 2PM EDT / 1PM CDT / 11AM PST / 8PM CEST

    ☰ Map info
    • Overworld border: 8k
    • Nether border: 4k
    • End border: 2k
    • Team cap: 7 (max 8)
    • Spawn Theme: Rustic Fire-Themed Spawn
    ☰ What's New?

    Woah! New changes? New version? Who woulda thunk! We have a plethora of new additions and meta-altering changes implemented with the new map that will bring an elevated level of excitement and gameplay for the map, so let's check them out.

    • PvP has been configured to simulate 1.8 PvP.
    • Armour durability has been adjusted to the 1.8 values except for iron armour, which now has buffed durability.
    • Added a Recovery Compass, which will be given to you upon your first death and points towards your death location.
    • Weather has been re-enabled.
    • Updated the Shop for the 1.19 items.
    • You no longer lose hunger with spawn protection.
    • Kit starter has been re-introduced.
    • Players can no longer repair special items (excluding armour).
      • Travel boots are not repairable.
    • Spectral arrows are now enabled again.
    • Added new team milestones and challenges.
    • You can use Fireworks to power your Elytra (only active in the overworld).
    • Combat-timers are now paused while in water.
    • Added a PvP Gambling section - Players will challenge one another or queue for a gambling session where they will enter a parkour challenge and whoever completes it first wins the other player's gold. If they exit or log out then it will result in them losing their gold.
      • Players must have spawn protection to queue.
      • Challenges other players by doing /parkour [player].
    • Added PvP Coinflip - challenge other players with /coinflip [player].
    • Introducing Preset Trackers - You can now buy pre-built trackers and place them.
    • Introducing craftable Temp Tracker Presets
      • 150x Each Direction
        250x Each Direction

        500x Each Direction
    • Introducing Automated Temp Tracking - Once you place your temp tracker preset, an NPC will spawn that automatically checks the area every 3-6 seconds for the one player you have told it to track. When the NPC discovers the player, it will track at human speed and narrow down the coordinates.
      • The NPC will only be active when the player who placed it is online.
      • You are limited to one NPC per player, if a preset is placed while a player has an active NPC, it will spawn without one.
      • A team can only have 5 active villagers at a time, if a player joins a team with 5 villagers, the new team member's villager(s) will despawn.
      • You can show the NPC's location (and reset it) by using /temptrackers or /trackers.
      • The NPCs are trackable and have a random username.
    • Introducing trackable Blacksmith NPC's - New Trader-villagers that trade items in exchange for gold.
      • 4 Blacksmiths spawn in each quadrant and appear as [NPC] Blacksmith.
      • The blacksmith's location is changed every 24 hours.
      • You can hide blacksmiths from the tracking output by doing /trackblacksmiths. Enter the command again to revert this.
      • Blacksmiths sell a maximum 8 books, 4 Elytras and 1 Spawn Egg per shop.
      • [​IMG]
    • Introducing Vertical Tracking - Trackers now display if a player is above or below y=0.
    • Minimized the Tracking Hover display.
    • Added a Preset Vendor NPC at spawn that lets you purchase preset trackers.
    • Added /targets which lets you highlight players on your tracking display. Do /targets [username] to highlight/un-highlight a player.
    • You can now vote for either KOTH or Battle Dome for the Saturday event through an in-game poll.
    • Introducing Battle Dome this map, we will have this event take place on Saturdays at the same time KOTH usually started. It revolves around the classic Battle Dome gamemode where you spawn in a dome with nothing and start your journeying building your loot up during a 20-minute grace period with your team and then fight to the death in an FFA whilst the border shrinks. During this time you can build, fight, and enchant your items using the table at the center of the map. You will be awarded with an event key just like KOTH.
    • Introducing the Raider Crate containing:
      • 2x Protection IV Books - 10%
      • 3x Sharpness V Books - 5%
      • Empty Spawner - 10%
      • 2x Empty Spawner - 2.5%
      • 2x OP sets - 7.5%
      • Raider set - 7.5%
      • 6x Villager Spawn Eggs - 10%
      • 4x Unbreaking III Books - 5%
      • 2x Level 30 XP Bottle - 5%
      • 64x Bottle o' Enchanting - 5%
      • Elytra Set (Unbreaking IV Elytra and Unbreaking IV + Riptide III Trident) - 5%
      • Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III Diamond Pickaxe - 5%
      • Enchanter Set (Enchanting Table + 15x Bookshelves) - 10%
      • Pick 4x Enchanted Books - 10%
      • 1500 Range Stacked Tracker Preset - 10%
    • Added Efficiency V and Fortune III to the Auto Smelter pickaxe.
    • Added Unbreaking III to the Mob Slayer.
    • Introducing a Fortune Booster which lets you use fortune on gold and iron. Can be bought on the Brawl Shop for $5.99.
    • Added Booster Bundles:
      • 2x Exp Drop/ Mob Spawner booster/ 2x Mob Drops - available for $6.99.
      • Growth Booster + Feed Booster - available for $3.99.
    • Added Shop Bundles:
      • The Ultimate Tracker Package available for $29.99:
        • Includes 2x 1500 Preset Trackers, travel boots, Obstroyer, bedrock breaker, 5 extra warps, tracker tag.
      • The PvP & Souper Package available for $19.99:
        • Includes 1x Mushroom Cow Egg, 2x 1 hour PvP Boosters, Souper tag, 2x PvP Potions, 1x Totem of Undying, 1x Notch Apple, 1x Tree Feller.
      • The Raider Package available for $5.99:
        • Includes Raiders + Raided Tag, Unbreakable shovel, 2x stacks of Gun Powder.
      • The Miner Package available for $14.99:
        • Includes Miner Tag, 2x 1 hour Fortune Boosters, 1x Auto Smelter, 1x Beacon.
      • The Epic XP Farm Package available for $29.99:
        • Includes 1x Pickaxe of Containment, 2x Empty Spawners, 2x 1 hour XP boosters, 2x Dragon Eggs, 1x Mob Slayer, Hoarder Tag.
    • Added Empty Spawner available for $5.99.
    • Added Raider Crate available for $3.99.
    • Added Obstroyer available for $2.99.
    • Added Unbreaking IV Elytra available for $2.99.
    • Added 1x PlayTime key available for $0.99.
    • Added 1000 Range Vanilla Tracker Preset available for $2.99.
    • Added 1000 Range Stacked Tracker Preset available for $4.49.
    • Added 1500 Range Stacked Tracker Preset available for $6.99.
    • Added 2000 Range Stacked Tracker Preset available for $8.99.
    From the wonderful works of @overneo and @solrarity we have created a firey spawn that will capture the attention of anyone who logs on.
    • End is now open for exploration.
      • You can now set warps and build bases in the end.
    • Netherrite armour is now buffed, and will no longer reduce knockback.
    • Ancient debris now drops a netherrite ingot instead of an ancient debris block.
      • It will ALWAYS drop an ingot - fortune does not work.
    • Netherrite crafting recipe has been changed, you now need the diamond equivalent in order to create a netherrite piece - you still need a smithing table.
      • Example: You now need 5 netherrite ingots in order to create a netherrite helmet.
    • Notch-apples will function like they did in 1.8, and are now also craftable in the same way.
    • Gold will no longer spawn in the nether.
    • The excess gold in the badlands biomes has been removed.
    • Gold blocks spawning in nether monuments and chests have been removed.
    • Phantoms no longer spawn.
      • However, you can get phantom spawn eggs from the playtime crate.
    • The end event has been removed, you can now build in the end instead.
    • Riptide, Shields, Elytra and Shulker Boxes are now disabled during combat and within 512 blocks of spawn.
    • Players cannot eat chorus fruit when they have spawn protection.
    • Piglins do not drop any items.
    • Vindicator and Evoker drops are drastically nerfed.
    • Fortune does not work on gold/iron unless there is a Fortune Booster enabled.
    • Villager trades have twice the price for enchanted books.
    • Mending is disabled and unobtainable.
    • Respawn anchors are disabled.
    • Sweeping Edge is disabled due to 1.8 PvP and therefore unobtainable through villager trading.

    ☰ End of the Map

    As usual, we will have an EOTM event that you can read more about here.

    We look forward to seeing you on Raid's latest map!
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    ABOUT TIME. I CANT WAIT. Sadly I have work on the 27th and 28th and my school starts on the 29th... Whatever I'll still be on
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    Keen as a bean
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    Nice p2w
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    blue pancakes.
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