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Accepted Foodcourt's JMOD Application

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Foodcourt, Sep 20, 2022.


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  1. Foodcourt

    Foodcourt CTF JMOD

    Dec 8, 2015
    Brawl Junior Moderator Application

    Read over this thread: http://www.brawl.com/threads/14752/
    If you do not meet the requirements (active, helpful, must have Discord, etc) do not apply yet; it will be an auto deny.

    What is your in-game name? - Foodcourt
    Is your Minecraft account secured and migrated? - Yes

    How old are you? - 21
    What time zone are you in? - EST
    Are you multilingual? Can you speak multiple languages? - Yes; English and Spanish

    What is your experience and knowledge of Brawl? - I have been playing Brawl since the McPvP/Brawl merger and have been consistently active ever since. I have been playing CTF for which will be a decade this coming December which has allowed me to garner a solid understanding of both the game itself as well as the community.

    What is your experience with moderating servers, if any? - Yes, most notably being a CTF staff member on Brawl from the Summer of 2019 until September of 2020. I was a Moderator for a significant amount of including the COVID-19 pandemic which allowed me to host a myriad of events and support the community in whichever ways possible.

    Why do you want to become a moderator on Brawl? - I want to offer Brawl and CTF my support for the time it has left. Although it is not a confirmed shutdown, both Brawl and CTF has been a part of me that I have grown up with and I want to be a part of it especially at this stage.

    I want to offer my support in the form of attempting to host events, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks where we can attempt to achieve as many players as possible. If there is any way to attract more players on CTF, I want to be involved and contribute positively in an attempt to allow this to happen.

    While I spend and am most familiar with CTF, I have spent time on Raid, Build and Party enough to be able to have a basic understanding and provide my support to those gamemodes as well if needed.

    Have you ever used a hacked client before? - Yes, I have used both Vape and Drip on Minecraft before. I have used these clients very minimally on other servers but never on Brawl throughout my time here (outside of staff reasons during my time on the Moderator team).

    Have you ever been punished (banned, kicked, muted, etc) legitimately on a public Minecraft server? If so, why? - Yes, I have only ever been punished on Brawl and the warnings on my history are all legitimate. I have not received a warning since August of 2021 and do not plan on receiving any more.

    What do you consider your greatest strength? - Referring to my previous application, I think my greatest strength continues to be my ability to listen and process what others say. There is always something to learn from others - whether it be positive or negative - and I am always happy and willing to learn in pursuit of developing my own personal character and techniques to apply as a moderator and in other areas.

    What do you consider your greatest weakness? - I lastly stated that I had struggled with my creativity, and this is something that I do not believe holds true anymore. I think my experience working with Brawl's staff team allowed me to be more innovative and firm in establishing my own ideas.

    With that being said, I think my greatest weakness is my personality specifically my tendency to joke around and be slightly less serious than I should be. Sometimes I insult someone or call them a name with the intent to joke around or spark humor but sometimes it is taken in a negative way as well as I am not always aware of how the other person may have felt in the moment.

    Which Brawl server(s) are you most active on? - CTF

    How many Brawl staff applications have you made in the past? - One, which was accepted.
    What is the date of the last application you submitted? - June 4th, 2019
    Do you have Discord? - Yes, Foodcourt#6408

    Anything else you would like to state? - I am aware my behavior on Discord has not been exactly exemplary of something a staff member should embody and this is something I should make an effort to clean-up before submitting an application. However, with Brawl's time potentially running thin, I want to do whatever I can to provide my support to hopefully help the server turn things around.

    Feel free to post any questions below or contact me on Discord.
    ~ Thank you very much!

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  2. Paddishly

    Paddishly The Australian

    Apr 9, 2018
    This guy deserves a chance.
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