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Idea Rocket launchers for more inclusivity of less skilled players!

Discussion in 'MC-WarZ' started by DonFruitLoops, Mar 26, 2023.


Rocket launchers?

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  1. DonFruitLoops

    DonFruitLoops Turn you to a boss

    Mar 11, 2016
    Hello, I have came up with a new weapon idea that would change the playing field of WarZ to become more inclusive to the less skilled and newer players which is a rocket launcher! This will help the current WarZ players with less aim skills than the higher ELO players to be able to compete with a bit of an advantage. If they always miss Barret shots for example, they can use a rocket launcher to do area damage to the enemy and if they are full iron or 2/4(not chest) it's an insta kill as is with a barret headshot, but if it's shot next to the player and not a direct hit, then the damage should be like a barret body shot. Also the speed of the rockets could be as slow as a ghast fireball , which should be easy to dodge unless it's close range, but in order for the rockets to not be abused it should also damage the player shooting it if shot close range as that would be more fair since everyone would use it close range if it didn't damage yourself, but only yourself, and not team members so the teams cannot troll each other with it. The rocket will also be able to break glass blocks as it is already breakable in WarZ and not any other blocks besides the glass blocks. Also In order for the rockets to not be abused like Rocket PvP in Rust is, the user of the rocket can only carry one in their inventory or they have the other rockets in their inventory unload themselves following a rocket shot so they cannot switch to another rocket in the inventory that is loaded and just spam it without having to reload. I get it can be a little bit overwhelming if an entire team in a tower is firing them all at once having 5 rockets hit the opposing team trying to push up, but that is why the rocket can damage yourself so you would have to be very far away from the stairs in order to not receive damage from your own rocket. Also as for the rocket ammunition, they will be as rare as finding a piece of diamond armor so not as rare as the rocket launcher itself, which is as rare as an airdrop, but almost as rare. Voting a rocket will cost 500 tokens and each rocket will be 100 tokens.

    Here are some specs I came up with so it will not be overpowered and for everyone to have a chance:

    Deploy time: 5 seconds
    Ammo capacity: 1
    Damage: Same as barret headshot if it's a direct hit if it is an area damage hit then same as a barret body shot/Glass blocks break from the rocket
    Reload time: 5 seconds
    Knock back: Same as ghast fireball
    Accuracy: Same as a ghast fireball
    Explosion Radius: Same as a ghast fireball
    Rarity: Only zone 6+ and as rare as an airdrop/Rocket ammo as rare as diamond armor
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