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GG HG - A gamemode we all loved

Discussion in 'Suggestions / Ideas' started by NoTeamHD, Sep 23, 2023.

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  1. NoTeamHD

    NoTeamHD Active Member

    Jun 2, 2015
    Hello MCPVPians,

    I write these words with a profound sense of sorrow, a sorrow that runs deep and weighs heavily on my heart. It should never have come to this. MCPVP HG was more than just a Minecraft gamemode; it was a sanctuary, a place where we forged memories and friendships that were supposed to last a lifetime. For it to fade away without a whisper of farewell is a tragedy that cuts to the very core of our souls.

    Life is a relentless force, pushing us forward, changing everything in its path. I remember those days when I was just a novice, fumbling with my soups and, yes, cheating my way through. Those early mornings before school, the endless hours spent battling in HG, it feels like a distant dream now. Watching legends like Zepphyre, Gayzmcgee, and rinoranchero, I couldn't help but imagine walking in their footsteps, but those dreams now lie in tatters.

    As I sit here, staring at the desolate state of our once-vibrant Hardcore Games forum, a profound sadness consumes me. It's been an eternity since anyone has posted here, and the silence is deafening. Our beloved gamemode, which once defined us, now languishes in the shadows of the digital world.

    Do you remember those days? Those days when Hardcore Games was more than just a game; it was a way of life. We poured our hearts and souls into every battle, forming bonds that we believed would stand the test of time. But now, it feels like a distant memory, a dream slipping through our fingers.

    The disappointment is crushing, like a weight on our chests that refuses to lift. We were a family, a community, sharing strategies, laughter, and the unbridled thrill of the game. Today, it's a ghost town, a haunting reminder of how swiftly things change, how passions fade, and how we move on.

    Saying goodbye to this forum feels like saying goodbye to a part of ourselves. It deserved more than this slow descent into oblivion. While we may have moved on to new chapters in our lives, the memories of those virtual battles, the friendships forged in pixelated arenas, they will forever haunt us.

    I was never an "OG" MCPVP player, just a wide-eyed 12-year-old chasing after a Hunger Games victory. I idolized YouTubers and devised clever traps in the hopes of securing an HG win. In those moments, no matter how fleeting, I found solace and happiness.

    I'm not asking for grand gestures or lengthy elegies; I'm simply asking for something, anything, to break the silence that has gripped this place for so long.

    Rest in peace, dear gamemode, the one we all held close to our hearts. <3

    Take care, my friends, and may your future adventures be filled with the warmth of cherished memories and the success that has eluded us here.

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  2. ElephantEPvP

    ElephantEPvP Member

    Nov 22, 2016
    This was beautiful, maybe someday history will repeat itself and we will find something like HG again in our lives. Farewell, friend. -nick1137t
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  3. SoCool21

    SoCool21 Bans Reports & Appeals Admin | McPvPer for Life <3

    May 17, 2015
    You never truly realise how great something is until it's gone :sob:
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