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Apr 11, 2021
Wiki Index
  • Welcome to the Brawl Wiki
    Brawl is a server group geared around different themes and ideas, such as: first person shooters, minigames, as well as classic concepts like survival multiplayer and PvP with kits. Our servers include MC-WarZ, DayZ in Minecraft; Minecraft Party, Mario Party in Minecraft; and Raid, classic survival with few game-changing features.
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    Easily join Brawl's servers via the hub. Zombie survival with guns. Inspired by DayZ. A variety of fun, fast-paced minigames.
    An epic survival PvP experience. The most advanced building server. Objective PvP with classes.
    Talk and chat with others Rest in Peace.

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    Post ban appeals Post any purchase issues View Brawl's staff list
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