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Resignation The Final Words of a Six Pixelled Menace

Discussion in 'Outros' started by Paddishly, Apr 14, 2021.

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  1. Paddishly

    Paddishly The Australian

    Apr 9, 2018
    Well, it has been 9 months, I coulda had a baby in this time... Honestly felt like an eternity but perhaps that’s just lockdown. Either way, ‘tis the end.

    I’m not entirely certain what to write or say in a resignation, mainly cause I doubt many of you really care that much about it but it’s a seeming responsibility and formality that is necessary. Is it time for anecdotal paragraphs? Is that what I do in this section? I suppose so.

    Initially I joined the staff team in late June after a long break to focus on my university work, and after having accidentally wiped my survival Minecraft world (honestly the biggest tragedy in this whole story). I did this for a few reasons. Firstly and probably the main reason, I was bored and had plenty of spare time on my hands. It was winter break from University and we were in a strict ass lockdown (#VIC), I knew I could contribute quite freely and screw with my sleep schedule as much as was needed to be active. Secondly, I knew the Featured Brawler of the month Foodcourt could use some help as a staff member, having had a few PMs about ideas and just generally the man is a homie so gotta help him out. Part of the reason the CTF Staff Teams include a “Team Scene” Team is because I wanted to get Foodcourt a job, I think it worked out alright until he resigned and left all the work for me (jk ily cstaf). Lastly, I did legitimately think it would be good to have a random timezone staff member on for the late night hackers, who I had been seeing plenty of due to lockdown letting me play CTF whenever I wanted. Often there were times that I was a solo staff member overnight and would try to stay on between US staff going to sleep and EU staff waking up. I believe within the first few weeks the server would legitimately just crash or freeze and being a lowly CTF JMOD I had no power to change it so that was very fun.

    So yeah. That happened, applied, got accepted, was probably a little too excited about it for being a grown ass adult but hey apparently my retrospect is just pure disdain for past me. From this point on just assume any time I mention “staff” I’m talking about CTF. Honestly, time as staff was alright, even if I complained about it to a few trusted sources. One of the biggest and strangest things for me at least was feeling ignored. There were times where I would ask for feedback on stuff or post long opinions but they were skipped over by the stronger voices in the staff team. It’s a recurring theme, you see Foodcourt speak about it in his resignation and here I am speaking about it in mine. I’m probably too much of a softie to really be as bitey as my internal dialogue wants me to be, but it was quite debilitating to my enthusiasm of working in the staff team. A continuation of this was the copious amounts of retroactive feedback I would get, especially with Season One, which straight up turned me into a sour grouchy boy. There were occasions were I would ask for approval for a message, get it and then post to reps/update the forums, then proceed to get told how stupid I was. Also didn’t help hearing others flame myself and the Seasons set up when they had ample opportunity to contribute, but whatever. After a while it did just get tiring and made me stop wanting to contribute, why bother when it gets skipped over anyway. Additional to this was consistent meetings at 6am, which just was never gonna work for me. I do tend to wake up early, but that doesn’t mean I am aptly capable of using my brain. I don’t want to become another inactive staff member and I feel my lack of motivation at the moment is quite detrimental which is probably the biggest reason I’ve decided to resign. I’m finding that if I do have time to be online playing games, I want to be hanging with my friends (I swear I do have these) and will gladly push anything Brawl related into the background to spend time with them. Finding this time is only going to get harder as I enter my final year of university (WOOOO MASSIVE RESEARCH PAPERS LFG) and actually return to working again. Further is the fact that I am legitimately only logging onto the server for ppms, outside of that I find no motivation or want to be on casual CTF which isn’t really helpful when you’re meant to be banning hackers. I don’t really want to become another staff member that isn’t present, I’d much rather end my staff career at the beginning of the decline than at the bottom.

    I suppose to follow on a small amount of negativity I should focus on something positive. That for me in my time as staff is CTF - Season One. By no means was this a solo effort, there was so much help and the good folks at CMS worked so hard to present the whole Season, it was quite glorious to watch. However, I am a little proud to have made it happen. Honestly, I don’t think anyone wanted to take over the project after Foodcourt resigned (is this like the third time he’s come up in this? Clearly I’m a fan). Whilst it did stress the hell out of me getting constantly PM’d by Reps about the Season and planning a minor esports league whilst basing my decisions off of IRL sports having never actually participated or watched a video game competitive league, I’m glad to have got it done. For starters I think it’s an awesome entry point to CTF watching the Season play out, and we have had a few newer players actually interested in the game which is awesome. It’s also just been great seeing the community come together every weekend to watch teams face off, drop some minor BM in CTF Discord, and get to know each other better. I can assure you plans are underway for CTF Season Two and I’m sure they will continue without me being a staff member (no official public start date yet but hey the plans are cool and I hope you’ll enjoy it, also let it be known that my only wish is for VoR to not be present in the Map Pool). I should also add that while I may have had difficulty in the staff team, every staff member in there is trying. Sure some may not be as active as is ideal but they’re still giving CTF development and while we all love to vilify those we despise, they’re all good people. The fact that the team is large enough to divide into sub-teams is awesome and individually they’re all pretty chill to hang out with… except RyGuy, like honestly, maybe he’d be alright to hang with if it wasn’t for the literal gut wrenching stench that follows the dude, I don’t know if you can even clean it at this point, there’d have to be like multiple stages of cleaning. Dude would have to not only clean himself IRL, he’d have to shower his Minecraft character and lord knows that coding is not COVID safe, thank the lord I use push to talk otherwise there’d be continual dry retching in the call whenever he is present. (ily RyBoy)

    That’s it I guess. My time as an over glorified map setter is over (RIP the perm abusing). Watch me become more active as a randy than I was as staff. Sorry if this was as boring as I imagine it is, honestly I thought this would be juicier than it ended up being but turns out I really never did anything controversial throughout my time as staff. I’m now rid of the purple!! (Cause I wore it in game very often). Finally demoted to the reg I’ve always wanted to be. Who knows… maybe now I’ll actually get warned for all my passively sexual comments (I know y’all have screenshots, ty to the fans). Feel free to ask Q’s on the thread and I will respond with utmost gusto.

    Ooroo ****ters.
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  2. Warrey

    Warrey Former WarZ Staff

    Oct 10, 2019
    We will miss you :heart:
  3. randomcitizen1

    randomcitizen1 The schizophrenic swagmoneymillionaire

    Sep 12, 2013
    Naw m8, just go the way of me and @Lord_Roke and you'll be fine. hi rokie <3
    @RyGuy get dunked on, boi. c;
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  4. RyGuy

    RyGuy developer man

    Aug 8, 2013
    **** you.
    ily please don't leave me :frowning:
    /permban randomcitizen1 swagmoneymillionaire
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  5. Industrious

    Industrious Staff Manager
    Retired Staff

    Feb 24, 2018
    Industrious #1423
    Legend, 'twas a good run :heart:
  6. Fireshadow007

    Fireshadow007 Party Manager/Build & BT Sub-Manager

    Dec 8, 2020
    It was a good time working with you, we will miss you a lot :heart:
  7. Mnkynoodles

    Mnkynoodles ur mother

    Oct 22, 2019
    wait i just saw this but i saw u resigned before :frowning: good luck in the future paddy love u man.
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