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[Pending] swag bringers blood villains

Discussion in 'Teams' started by patriq, Nov 12, 2023.

  1. patriq

    patriq Well-Known Member

    Feb 20, 2016
    Hey guys we’re the next team

    don’t trifle with us we hold a couple records each of us individually and also a couple as a unit

    (18/25) roster:
    patriq - maximum evil death demon
    raging_ - maximum genius of all knowingness
    rhodes - secret weapon of total murder
    mimisberry - pure vicious evil master
    mirgh - you see her and you run
    heartsrevolution - ex pyro main turned into architectural unit of war, also ties the whole team together and fends off the bad bad squiggly man in the back rooms because there is no fear in him, just a glimpse into his dark twisted side heh. some say his motives are far beyond the mental capacity of regular people, even all powerfully evil demonic death demon lord patrick has no idea what chaos dwells in his head. maybe there is a deep dark putrid secret that he hides that could one day change the course of the earth we stand on. you can smell the stench of absolute mystery seeping from his flesh.
    lisapham99 - stern and earnest machine of chaos and slaughter
    doodleberry7 - weapon of eternal destruction and grief
    participated - resident Austrian (google Austrian ppl I got a good laugh but not in a racist way)
    estonian - unit
    scoundrel - unit
    vapepen - unit
    ramada - unit
    ultaness - unit
    hitohashira - unit
    adornment - unit
    imprettygoodidk - unit
    chiming - unit

    we only take 9v9s and that’s only on a good day (if we can even grace you with our precious time)

    if you’re interested in joining our team send your application to patriq on discord

    previous teams:
    merc or member:
    are you affiliated with xashes and why is she also your number one op:
    how many alts do u have that we can add to our roster:
    be honest were u hacking back in the day:
    you will be doxxed at one point if you join us. It’s basically initiation.
    what are you looking for in this position:
    top 10 ctf classes in no specific order:

    if your name does not fly between the members you’re not invited that’s all it is

    be sure to have 10$ handy for our application submission fee non refundable this goes towards our hard working team members on Thursday for the five nights at Freddy’s pizza time watch party

    our availability is scarce since most of us are either cash flowing, securing victories, or solving world hunger so don’t even try setting up a match w us

    can we honestly e date? you’re so beautiful. You always make me laugh, you always make me smile. You literally make me want to become a better person... I really enjoy every moment we spend together. My time has no value unless it’s spent with you. I tell everyone of my irls how awesome you are. Thank you for being you. Whenever you need someone to be there for you, know that i’ll always be right there by your side. I love you so much. I don’t think you ever realize how amazing you are sometimes. Life isn’t as fun when you’re not around. You are truly stunning. I want you to be my soulmate. I love the way you smile, your eyes are absolutely gorgeous. If I had a star for everytime you crossed my mind i could make the entire galaxy. Your personality is as pretty as you are and thats saying something. I love you, please date me. I am not even calling it e dating anymore because I know we will meet soon enough heart OK I ADMIT IT I LOVE YOU OK i hecking love you and it breaks my heart when i see you play with someone else or anyone commenting in your profile i just want to be your girlfriend and put a heart in my profile linking to your profile and have a walltext of you commenting cute things i want to play video games talk in discord all night and watch a movie together but you just seem so uninsterested in me it hecking kills me and i cant take it anymore i want to remove you but i care too much about you so please i’m begging you to eaither love me back or remove me and never contact me again it hurts so much to say this because i need you by my side but if you dont love me then i want you to leave because seeing your icon in my friendlist would kill me everyday of my pathetic life.
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    #1 patriq, Nov 12, 2023
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2023
  2. Raging_

    Raging_ Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2016
    name: adornment
    previous teams: tt
    merc or member: member
    are you affiliated with xashes and why is she also your number one op: next question
    how many alts do u have that we can add to our roster: 3 more
    be honest were u hacking back in the day: yeah
    can you handle the heat: yeah
    what are you looking for in this position: yeah
    how many hours do you mew a day: yeah
    top 10 ctf classes in no specific order: nah but heavy
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  3. patriq

    patriq Well-Known Member

    Feb 20, 2016
    you didn’t answer the questionnaire to the best of your ability and also did not follow the instruction to deliver your application to my discord and you also didn’t bring the application fee but I’ll let it all slide just for today since you sent me feet pics the other day
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